Why 'free' service?

We feel it is right time for us to give back to society. The writing we love and the needed skills we are gifted with.  To us, providing assistance to those needing help in writing is one way to serve you and society, naturally.

Do you provide assistance with personalized writing only?

No. We assist you with the entire spectrum of writing: formal, standard, informal, personalized.  It is your choice.

What is not serviced?

  • Legal writing and documents
  • Use of vulgar and profane language

Could Service be Denied?

  • Yes, we reserve all the rights to respectfully deny the service at any time

How long it would take to fulfill a request?

  • While we strive for asap, each individual case would differ given the interactive service.
  • 'First come first serve' applies.

Interacting Guidelines:

  • We encourage engaging in respectful dialogs and communication for mutual understanding of what you want to say, express and communicate.
  • We would not write vulgar, profane, abusive or hateful language. We would help you to express anger, hatred, disappointment, dislike with appropriate impact, in affirmative ways socially accepted and within social decorum.

Is my information shared?

We respect privacy of an individual requester and would not share your information to anyone. With your permission we may elect to include your letters and speeches in our website 'sample letters and speeches' section appropriately modified and with names changed for your privacy.