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When I was a teenager, I used to read a lot: History novels by Kanaiylal Munshi, Non-fiction Novels by Ramanlal Desai, V.S. Kandekar, Sarat Chandra Chattopodhaay etc. And, that gave me the inspiration to write short notes or you could call it ‘My Diary’.  I wrote almost every week a letter to my wife while I was in the USA and she was in India for 15 months with our son.

However, once I graduated and started working, my priority changed because I wanted to take care of my family and at the same time help my brothers to put them through school and bring them to the USA. But, when I attended a memorial service and heard a touching eulogy by a granddaughter, my inborn need to write reemerged.

Since then with the help of the founder/friend of this website, I have written personalized wedding invitation letters, eulogies for family members and friends, way before his forming of the website. Needless to say, I will continue using his assistance every time I need to write.

At present, I am working with him to write a personal congratulation letter to my granddaughter graduating from Standford Uni.

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Bhupendra Jobalia (KAKA)